Welcome to a beginning online presence of what may hopefully be becoming a vessel for some of us to live as a more tender, legitimate, and recognizable presence of One who is more than all of us combined. What is unfolding presently is fellowship of friendships, a network of community and variety, a hopeful practice of a way to convene. Convene what? In short, I am discerning a call to form a new religious community of some sort, most likely to begin as an Association of the Faithful, and if you are reading this it may because there is some way our lives are being intertwined for this unveiling & forming. Now is always a beginning. But why bother?

In these times, we cant help but see the spiritual poverty of right now, the dark despair that makes commonplace a void of shallow emptiness. A cold indifference and relativism that attempts to reduce everything sacred to nothing special. God’s mercy unveiled in the passion of Jesus Christ promises us there is so much more to life than this. Whether in our workplaces, our communities, our popular media, our families, we have ample opportunity to recognize something about our faith has changed who we are and how we live. We can see that faith is a gift of light in this darkness, a gift of wealth in the depth of such impoverishment. And called to charity, it is this wealth that is truly worthwhile to share, but how?

In Christ we recognize our Origin and our Destiny, our Calling and our Companion. In our Catholic faith we recognize a means to deepen a true encounter with Jesus. In the world we recognize the ache that seems to beg to know Him, to beg for meaning, for Hope, for Beauty, Truth, Light. These facts compel us to respond with all we are.

Day by day we are discerning together what it truly means to know love and serve God with all we are, beginning first with the very useful questions:

Why would we even want to? What truly compels us?

Who are we to desire this? Who are we called to be?

How may we sincerely hope to love and live this way, giving ourselves totally and freely?

Is it even possible?

Lets find out. Together. All are welcome and necessary. Thank you for accompanying this moment, this discernment, this community unfolding, this apostolate coming to life, with your prayers, your patience, your participation and your encouragement.

In Jesus,

your ami +++


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Where together we stomp the grapes, wait the barrels, and pour the love.